When I speak to people about Cenversa, one of the first points that comes up in conversation is the strong relationships we forge with our customers …

… And of course our customers include everyone we interact with on a daily basis – our valued clients, our valued suppliers, our valued employees and our valued shareholders.

Cenversa is a goal oriented relationship business built on the principles of flat management, total participation of employees and transparency of operations. These three key enterprise philosophies contribute substantially to our success; the relationships we have with our customers; and our company culture which today I proudly call Cenergy.

Cenergy encourages and nurtures the talents of everyone within the organisation. It drives the concept of continual improvement and efficiencies as we strive to find new ways to work smarter and at the same time discover unrealised opportunities for all customers.

Our culture is reflected on so many different levels within Cenversa. A substantial number our employees have been with the group for more than 10 years and our business continues to post impressive results in a mature market. Over the last three years, sales revenue has increased by nearly 40.0% making Cenversa one of the fastest growing enterprises in the animal health sector.

As I look to the future, I can only see positive outcomes for Cenversa and it’s customers.

The directors and executive team has a strong strategic plan to expand and grow the business whilst our company’s vision will continue to shape our culture and the relationships we foster every day.

I’m very privileged to lead such a great company.