About Cenversa's Shareholders

Established in 1960, Cenversa became a leading distributor of products and service solutions to the animal health and pet retail industry.

In 2013, Cenversa become a public company inviting customers and employees to subscribe for shares and participate in the future success of the business. Since that time, annual sales have grown more than 64%.

Today, Cenversa generates annual revenue of over $150m, has approximately 300 shareholders, 4000 veterinary clinics and pet retailers as customers and over 170 full-time employees.

The next six years are shaping up to be just as exciting as the last with the Cenversa Board’s decision to prepare the company for a possible share market listing (IPO) by 2022. An IPO will aim to maximise value for shareholders and to allow the company to become a larger participant in the animal health and pet retail markets both in Australia and globally.


In January 2019, Cenversa Ltd released an Offer Information Statement (OIS) to raise $8m to fund investments in allied businesses including veterinary hospital.

Under the OIS share offer, larger share investors applying for over 300,000 shares are eligible for up to 30% in bonus shares if they hold the shares for 3 years.

Veterinarians and/or their related entities who apply for a minimum of 5,000 shares are also entitled to 30% bonus shares under the OIS Share Offer provided that their veterinary practice pledges 75% of their hospital purchases to Cenvet Australia Pty Ltd for a 3-year period. Cenvet Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cenversa Ltd.

The bonus share arrangement effectively reduces the OIS subscription share price from 80c to 62c per share. The OIS is capped at $8m and applications for shares will be processed based on receipt of application.

A copy of the OIS is available for download. However, if you require any additional information regarding the OIS then please don’t hesitate to contact the company secretary.