A Great place to Work

Cenversa has a strong focus on developing the ability and potential of every staff member and is committed to assisting the development of individual career paths.

The company sets aside a generous budget every year for training and staff education. As part of the development process, all staff members are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and accept accountability for the results.

Generous Remuneration
Cenversa’s remuneration program rewards staff generously for their performance both as an individual and as part of the group. While initial remuneration levels are set in line with comparable market positions, salary levels are reviewed annually and increase as the rate of pay for the comparable market position increases. A key component of our remuneration structure is to recognise length of service and in particular the skills that staff develop from remaining within a role for more than 5 years. This means that by five years of service in a role a staff member will be paid a salary higher than the current average for the market position.

In addition to a competitive salary, Cenversa employees are entitled to an at risk performance reward that is measured on team performance and every Cenversa employee enjoys an equal share of the company’s profits when net profits exceed a determined and stated level.

The level of return is set each year to encourage strong performance whilst driving increasing efficiency, consistency in service and increased innovation. An open and supportive management style across the entire organisation encourages Cenversa people to take responsibility and ownership of their work and to act collaboratively across the group.

Cenversa Values – Our Dedicated Team

Cenversa’s strength is in our team. By training and rewarding our team of dedicated professionals, we position ourselves as a market leader full of innovation. Everyone at Cenversa has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company; and as a company, we are committed to developing and rewarding the skills of our people. Cenversa people display the values of people, practice and performance in how we work together every day.


Cenversa’s culture and values are reflected in our people. Each individual and team is important for the growth and success of Cenversa’s goals. Cenversa is committed to the values of communicating, nurturing and celebrating our people.


Cenversa practises its values in everything that we do. We expect and display high standards of behaviour in all our interactions. Cenversa is committed to the values of respect, integrity and commitment.


Cenversa’s success relies on the performance of its team members. We encourage each individual and team to question and explore better ways to achieve Cenversa’s goals. Cenversa is committed to the values of accountability, collaboration and excellence.

Staff Testimonials

"Being a part of a pro-active, supportive team definitely makes waking up in the morning and hitting the road a whole lot easier. The fact that I get exposure to such a diverse clientele is mentally stimulating and there's always a new adventure to tackle! Working here at Cenversa has been such a pleasant experience and I couldn't see myself happier anywhere else!"
M - Sales Representative

“Cenversa’s management understand the importance of the meaning “work/life balance” and are always supportive of their employees and their families”
K - Team Leader

“I enjoy working at Cenversa because I really feel like part of a team. My manager and peers are supportive and helpful and it is a joy to come to work every day”
R – Finance Team

“You are encouraged to think outside the norm and question things that don’t seem right.
We have a sense of team-spirit to achieve a goal/target, and freedom to make decisions with the backing to follow our decisions through. There is a casual atmosphere where anyone is approachable, and the Staff-discounts for pet products are also a great perk!”
L – Sales Coordinator